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A Proud Tradition of Excellence

Paul A. Batiste

Director, Paul Batiste has taught at over 15 schools in New Orleans since 1978. Batiste is a state certified teacher, guitarist, composer, producer and flutist. In 1962, he and his family won first place in the St. Augustine High School Talent Show.  In 1965, the family went to New York City for the Apollo Theater Show and won first place.  His Mom and Dad had a vision for the arts.
"I am the Chief Creative Officer of the Batiste Brand. If there is a product you are interested in, please call me.  I offer personal attention and service. Our products have stood the test of time.  Beginning with the family band, since 1971, I have been the administrator of my family's affairs in music.  As the sole composer of the Batiste Brothers Band songs, I have written and published more than 30 compositions.
I managed and recorded Jonathan, Jamal and Travis as the Batiste Kids.  That act performed every Lundi Gras at the Children's Museum. Now, they are adults-Pharmacist, UNO graduate and Juilliard graduate.
When they performed dates, they were acompanied by my mother and father's great grand children.
The Batiste Band's first recording of "Starlite" took place in 1976. That session included family members and non-family members.  The family members were David, Michael, Peter and Russell. Later, David's other son Damon joined us in the studio for additional recordings.
By 1978, Damon and Russell would become members of the Batiste Brothers Band.  The Band's world tour would include-with all of these member-Japan.
Peter's children performs regularly with the Batiste Brothers Band.  They are Quanna and her children. Peter, Jr. is a rapper.  Also, Micheal's son, Lil Mike is a rapper.  I am proud to say, I have performed at the Jazz Fest with every one of these excellent musicians as their leader.
Prior to that, and starting in 1962, my Dad and John would managed David and the Gladiators.  After that, David managed the Gladiators. When I returned from the U.S. Army in 1971, my mother asked me the to manage the Gladiators, and I did until 1975.
David, Michael and I were the family members in the band when we wrote and recorded the 1970 hit single, "Funky Soul."
In 1976, I founded the Batiste Brothers Band.
In education, the Batiste Brothers Band has toured all of the Public Elementary and Secondary Schools in New Orleans.  Additionally, we routinely accompanied up and coming artists in school talent shows.
In 2008, I signed an MOU with Paul Vallas and RSD to have The Batiste Family at Live Oak, Elementary School and in 2010, I signed an agreement with ReNew to name Batiste Cultural Arts Academy.
Finally, for everything from consulting to performing and teaching, contact me and I'll be happy to direct you to your needs."
- Paul A. Batiste, CEO -
Batiste Brothers Band, Batiste Cultural Arts Academy, Batiste Family International School, and The Batiste Family are registered Trade Names of Paul A. Batiste:

In 2005, after the storm, I knew the arts would be more difficult to restart.  So, I founded the Paul A. Batiste Conservatory of the Arts, Inc. a non-profit education corporation with a 501(c)3.  My goal was to help to facilitate the many needs of the arts during a time of crisis.  The purpose of the Conservatory is to restore, preserve, protect, and support the arts in our schools. The Conservatory is an educational organization whose goals include replacing band instruments, band uniforms, sheet music, materials and supplies lost due to Hurricane Katrina and providing scholarships to music students.  I have been an educator for more than 30 years and have 35 years of being a leader of the Gladiators, and more recently, the Batiste Brothers Band who is one of New Orleans’ most popular musical families. Also, I am a veteran of the US Army and former member of the 204th and 202nd Military Police Company.  My experiences-working as an Itinerant Instrumental Music Specialist, Band Director, Guitar Instructor, Band Instructor, General Music Teacher and Special Education Teacher at over a dozen schools, give me the dedication and knowledge to develop my family into premiere education service providers and teachers.  In New Orleans, the arts are under-going an enormous transformation.  The tide is shifting away from state funding.  Consequently, non-profits are asked to step up to the plate.  The arts are apart of the State Comprehensive Curriculum Guide.  It is a state mandate.  Yet, it is not adequately funded or programmed.  As citizens, we must provide activities for our youth.  They are unfairly asked to provide activities for themselves.  Children should be allowed to be children-and not have to create opportunities to learn or be educated.  In the absence of fundamental rights, our young citizens may drift in the wrong direction.  Finally, I have a duty to give-back to the Batiste Family for letting me be their leader since 1971, and to the school system for allowing me the opportunity and privilege to teach and serve. 

-Paul A. Batiste-

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